How To Identify Your Dreams And Achieve Them, 6 steps : Must Know.

What are your dreams and how do you achieve them

What are your dreams? How do you identify what your lifetime goal is? We all have dreams and they come in many ways. For example let’s say you have been struggling financially for a long time and you are looking for a way to get money other than employment. Another example is; let’s say you have a person who identifies a problem where he or she lives and does something to solve the problem.

These are just but a few examples the only thing that they have in common is; they have to do something they are passionate about.

If you really want to identify your dreams you need to find something that you like.


How Do You Achieve Your Dreams?

1.Visualize Your Dreams.

Look for a quiet place and ask yourself this question? “What do I really want to achieve in life?” Dare and dream something big and believe that it is possible and you can achieve it.

Ask yourself some questions like; “what will happen when I do this or that?”  Visualize yourself in that position, if your goal is to own your own restaurant visualize yourself walking in your restaurant full of customers.

If your dream is to be a CEO of a certain organization imagine yourself walking into your huge expensive office and your secretary bringing a hot cup of coffee.

At this stage it is good to keep your goals to yourself and avoid telling anyone because people will ask you questions that may lead to negative thoughts and you giving up on your dreams.


2. Put It On Paper.

After visualizing get a book and a pen and write down your dreams. What you want to achieve, how you will achieve them at what age will you have achieved them, anything that pops to your mind about your dreams.

After this make sure you keep the book safe because you will have to read that book every morning so that it can stick in your subconscious mind. When your goals are stuck in your subconscious mind you will find yourself automatically doing things that leads you to your dreams “Amazing huh?”

What are your dreams and how do you achieve them2

3. Plan How You Will Achieve Them.

After identifying your dreams you will have to know how you will achieve them. All the steps that you will have to make that will lead to your ultimate goal.  Every day you need to have tasks that will bring you a step closer to your goals.

Time management is very important if you want to achieve your goals. You also need to know how and when to work smart or hard (read the post on Working Smart Not Hard.)

Also at this point you should know that the road to achieving your dreams is not easy you will have to do a lot of sacrifices. This is where you will find the actual go getters and the dreamers.

A dreamer is a person who has a dream but spends most of the time doing things not related to his/her dreams, like watching movies. A go getter will always be on his or on her feet doing something to achieve the ultimate goal.


4. Tell Someone.

After identifying your goals and how you will achieve them. Make sure you tell someone. Why should you tell anyone you dreams and goals? This is the reason:

  • By telling someone you will end up to believe your dreams even more.
  • If you tell someone you will find that it is possible.
  • It will also make you accountable and you will work hard to make sure that people do not see you as foolish.

Also when you tell someone make sure you are telling someone you know that will tell you the truth without hiding anything from you.


5. Love it.

In the journey of pursuing your goals make sure you are enjoying it. Such that every time you are going to sleep you can’t wait for tomorrow to accomplish the tasks that will bring you closer to your dreams.

After accomplishing every milestone always reward yourself. Buy yourself something good, you deserve it. By doing this your mind will be fueled into accomplishing the next milestone.


6. Know What to Do After Achieving Your Dreams.

After achieving your goals you need to be gracious and grateful and most of all help other people to achieve their goals by being their mentor.



Achieving your dreams involves hardships there is nothing in life that comes easy. The best thing you can do is to enjoy the journey and everything will fall into place.


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