Should You Be A Good Person Or A Person That Does The Right Thing?

Should You Be A Good Person Or A Person That Does The Right Thing

In our everyday life’s we are faced by situations where we do not know if we should do the right thing or we should be good. Depending on the situation you should know when to do the right thing and when to be good. Sometimes being good when you need to do the right thing does not give you the results you wanted.

For example let’s say your friend is going through something that is making his/her life stressful. In this kind of a situation you might either feel empathetic or sympathetic and now you have to make a choice do the right thing or be a good person. In this situation it is good to be empathetic because if you are a good friend you want to help him or her to overcome this problem (this is doing the right thing). If you choose to be Sympathetic then you are just being a good person and not helping your friend overcome that problem. (Read the post on Difference between Empathetic and Sympathetic).


So what does it really mean by being a good person and doing the right thing? These two terms are mostly confused by people to be similar.

A good person means that a person is virtuous, this means that being good involves having a character and personal qualities that we justify by reason as having moral worth.

Doing what is right is mostly concerned with ethics (right and wrong). A right action is a duty which is governed by regulations.

When we speak of a “right person” but we mean “good person” it does not make any sense.

We can say “a person is right for the job or a person is wrong for the job.” But we cannot say “a good person is a bad person” but we can say “a good person may act badly.”


Brief Difference between a Good Person and Doing the Right thing.

If you are a good person then that is your state of being it is your personality that has intrinsic moral worth. For example if you show respect to other people then you are a good person.

If you do things the right way then this means you are following rules to make decisions. You are an obedient person.

Signs That Show You Are A Good Person.

If you are a good person you have personal qualities and values that you follow when making decisions that will explain the reason as to why you are moral.

Some of your Characteristics include;  

  1. You Show Gratitude.

This is also the same as Appreciative, Thankful and grateful. This means you always tend to show gratitude when something good happens to you.

  1. You are a person of Integrity.

This also means Honesty, Truthfulness or Uprightness. You will find people mostly complementing that you are an honest person and people also trust you with their stuff.

  1. You are Frugal.

Which also means Abstinence, Economy or Penny-pinching. You are also cautious in everything you do. Or you do not like to spend much money.

  1. You are Compassionate.

This is a sympathetic pity for the suffering and misfortune of others. This means you are always sympathetic when it comes to others you tend to show concern or kindness towards other People.

  1. You are Intuitive.

This is Intuition. You are an intuitive person because you tend to make decisions based on your personal values or even intuition.

Should You Be A Good Person Or A Person That Does The Right Thing.


Signs That Show You are a Person That Does the Right Thing.

If you are a person that does things the right way then this means that you follow regulations which help you in making decisions. You are an ethical person.


Some of Your Characteristics include;

  1. You are Obedient.

You are an obedient person because your decisions are based on regulations. Obedience is the same as conform and duty.

  1. You are Conscientious.

 This also means Thorough, Diligent or industrious. This is because most of the decisions you make are based on ethics so before you make a decision you always make sure you have worked hard to come to a final conclusion.



So to answer the question, “Should you be a Good person or a Person that does the right thing?” I believe that you should not choose to be either of the two but to try and be a good person and also do the right thing depending on the situation.

What do you think? Should you be a Good person or a Person that does the right thing? Leave a comment below to show your response.

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