How to Tell if You Are an Introvert or an Extrovert : Must Know.

Knowing if you are an introvert or extrovert can really help you in taking charge of your life. You might be wondering depending on the comments you have gotten from people. 

Maybe people have told you that you are a quiet person, you think too much or you spend too much time by yourself. Maybe people have told you that you seek attention from people, you talk too much or you are an easy to approach person.

Despite of what people have told you it is important to know where you belong. Below I have listed the signs that show you are either an introvert or an extrovert



You might be asking yourself “am I an introvert?” If this is the case let me help you understand: An introvert is a person who likes to spend time alone with his /her thoughts which is as restorative as sleeping. While this might be the case with some introverts you will find that there are some introverts who enjoy socializing but up to a certain limit.

The following are signs that show you are an introvert.


  • You think well when you are alone.

As an Introvert you like to solve problems by yourself because you feel that is when you can make the maximum use of your ability. You do not oppose groups but you feel by working alone you can get the results that you can be proud of.


  • You love your privacy.

After a long day of socializing you need some quiet time to yourself, enjoying your hobbies, interest, watching your favorite television program, reading a book or taking a nature walk.


  • You like to think before you talk.

While this might not be the case with some introverts, but majority of introverts apply to this. Unlike extroverts who think as they talk, introverts do the opposite and that is why you will find that when in a group discussion people will ask for your opinion. While the noisy extroverts pour out their ideas.


  • You do not like to be around a lot of people for a long time.

You feel like being around lots of people drains your energy. You like to spend quality time with good friends that you know. It is not because you hate being around people but it is because you feel more comfortable with yourself or with your friends.


  • You do not like to be associated with people who seem angry.

You might have found yourself not to want to be associated or talk to a person who most of the times are angry. You may be receiving a call from someone who you know has negative things to say and you will decide to ignore the phone call. You feel most comfortable around positive people who understand you.



If you have read the above section and found that you are not an introvert, you might then be an extrovert. Who is an extrovert? “This is a person who likes to spend time around people and feels energized around them”

Extroverts would rather spend time talking to someone else rather than sit alone and think. They tend to think as they speak. It is very common to find an extrovert than an introvert this is because they form the majority of the population.

The following are signs that show you are an extrovert.


  • You like to socialize as a way to re-energize yourself.

You might have found that you love to socialize with people and you are good at small talk. You also like to attend parties to meet new friends. You find this as a way to energize yourself and feel inspired.


  • You appear to be friendly and approachable.

Maybe people have told you this or you have noticed that people who are not familiar to you approach you with ease. Or even when you are at a party you can easily approach a new guest and strike a conversation. This can also be the reason that people find you to be friendly, hence an extrovert.



  • People find it easy to get to know you.

You might have found yourself to be a very open person who can share almost anything with almost anyone. You are willing to share your thoughts and feelings. For this reason people might have said you are easy to know or when a person asks about you people can easily identify you.


  •  You love discussion when it comes to problem solving.

Maybe you like to discuss your issues with your friends and families, to try and figure out what action you should take (this can also be the case with introverts). Or sometimes you feel stressed out maybe after school or at work and you decide to talk to your friends or family that can help you to feel less stressed out.




If you have looked keenly and found that you are neither an introvert nor an extrovert then you must be an ambivert. An ambivert is a person who is in between Introvert and extrovert.

So if you are an ambivert you will find that you exhibit both introverted and extroverted tendencies. This means that you love to socialize as much as the extroverts but with time you will feel like you need some quiet alone time but not for too long like introverts.

Also you need some alone time and social interaction for you to re-energize.



If you have identified where you belong, leave a comment saying if you are an introvert, extrovert or ambivert.

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