Why You Should Fight Your Own Battles.


Every day we live we are met with challenges that we have to deal with, some small and some huge that make our day or week difficult. For us to overcome those challenges so that we can move on with our lives we have to learn how to fight them. The best way to do it is by yourself, putting trust on someone else it can be your close friends, family or someone you trust can lead to disappointments. These disappointments can be either having friends who are always there for you and willing to help you which makes you dependent on them hence making you vulnerable when they are not around or the other disappointment can be, you think your friends have your back but they really don’t.

Doing good to others and always helping them when they are in need does not mean they will do the same for you. It is always good to fight your own battles because this will make you stronger, having assistance from time to time is not bad, just make sure it does not make you vulnerable.

Having too much trust on people to help you will only slow you down and create more enemies. What you should know is that other people also have their own battles to fight and even though they say yes in helping you, you should not believe them.

Follow These Steps on Fighting Your Battles

1. Know Your Challenges.

For you to fight your own battles you need to know what your challenges are. Challenges can come in many different ways, let’s say you might have an issue with someone/bully who is putting your trust on the line, you might think that your trusted friends have your back, but what you really need is to stand for yourself, because almost no one even if they say yes are willing to help. Remember you and only you have your back.


Another challenge can be, you might have a lot of work to do and you want some help, you are even willing to pay for the help. Even payment cannot give you the assurance that the person will do it or will finish on time, you need to plan your time and try your best to meet the deadlines.


2. Know who is involved.

Almost every challenge has another person involved. It can be either you have an assignment that you have to accomplish as a group that has been assigned to you either at school or work. Whatever the case there will almost always be that one person that will not give all their effort to the work or they might have some lame excuse for not attending the discussion.


You should learn how to deal with such situations and assume that if you were given that work to accomplish by yourself how would you do it? Do the work handed to you without looking how others are doing, because if you rely on them your assigned group might end up not completing the assignments and you will look like you are not taking your work seriously. The best way to handle this is to take them to your supervisor.

 3. Always have a backup plan.

When accomplishing a challenge there will always be that one obstacle that will try to prevent you from accomplishing it. The obstacle can be huge or small depending on the situation. You need to come up with a backup plan that will ensure that you will accomplish your task.


Let’s say for example that your challenge is that you have a lot of work to accomplish and your boss wants the work done by tomorrow. You can decide to do your work at home and accomplish it through the night.


Or let’s say you are at school and you have been given an assignment to accomplish by the next day. The assignment is hard and you decide to ask for assistance from your classmates. The chances are they will not help you are too busy trying to finish their assignments. Have another plan and try to trust yourself do it to the best of your ability without comparing yourself to others.


 4. Believe In Yourself.

The final step on how to fight your own battles is believing in yourself that you will be able to accomplish that that is making your day or week difficult. Think outside the box and you will be amazed by what your mind can accomplish.



Lastly it always important to remember to speak up even when it comes to people who are older than you. If for example an older person is trying to argue with you for no reason it is always important to calmly speak up and stand for yourself. Sometimes culture can hold you back in that you should respect older people. There is nothing wrong with that but if you are innocent you should learn to calmly speak up to them.



The power of speech can change everything and avoid the problems from escalating.


There is no reward that is more satisfying than the reward you get from fighting your own battles.

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