How To Spot A Greedy Person Before You Get Hurt.

How To Spot A Greedy Person Before You Get Hurt.

Greed is the intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, food, sex or attention. Greed starts from a basic fear of life. Fear comes from the fundamental sense of deprivation which is a need for something that is lacking.

When that feeling of lack becomes strong, that person will be fixated on looking for that one thing that they need that will eliminate that feeling of not having enough. Once that person is able to acquire that one thing his/her life’s mission will be to acquire as much of it as possible.


How to Spot a Greedy Personality.

For you to spot a greedy personality you cannot get your answer from questions you need actions. Look for activities like sports, this is where you will see what matters to that person. Ask him/her some questions that will help you better understand that individual. So that when you ask that individual to do something for you, you will know what actually matters to that person.

If for example its money that matters to that person (need) and you want to give that person a job that you will eventually pay him/her. And the person acquires the knowledge that you will be getting more money. That person will come up with excuses why the job is not completed when the deadline approaches he/she will try to make sure that you do not get that money.


Traits of a greedy personality.

  1. Fear – Fear is the unpleasant feeling caused by the deprivation of something which poses as a threat to that person. That something depends on the person’s idea of what they really need. This can be money, power, love, attention, food and so on. Because they have built this constant fear the individual will obsessively crave for that thing that is needed. The individual will also tend to envy those who have that thing.
  2. Life is limited – Due to the experiences of lack or deprivation the person will see life as being limited or unreliable. That person will create this assumption on his or her head, ‘My well-being depends on me getting all that I desire. I cannot truly be myself, a whole person, until I get what has always been missing.’ The person will also feel like there is not enough for everyone. ‘I and other people miss out because other individuals are taking what is rightfully ours. Once I have it all, I will never lack anything again.’
  3. Selfishness – In the process of acquiring that need the person will try his or her best not to let anyone get to that need before him/her. At this stage when a person comes to ask for assistance that individual will basically push that person away (with excuses). Even if he/she can assist that individual, he/she has to make sure that no one will acquire that need before he/she has acquired it.
  4. Taking Shortcuts – If the person feels like he/she is not acquiring that need fast enough, rather than patiently pursuing for that need. That person will look for shortcuts. These shortcuts can be taking a debt because he/she wants that need so badly that they can’t afford to wait.
  5. Possess and hoard the “needed” thing – After that person is able to acquire that need, the next strategy for coping with the fear will be to possess more and hoard the needed thing. Then that individual will prevent others from acquiring it and blaming others for failing to provide enough.
  6. Hypocrite – After acquiring that need, the individual will put on a socially acceptable mask which will show people that ‘I am not selfish, I am not greedy, see how generous I am, see how I always try to help people, see how my success makes other people happy.’ That person will never be happy so long as the possibility of lack remains or another person possess a threat in acquiring that need much faster.


How To Spot A Greedy Person Before You Get Hurt.


How to handle a person with a greedy personality.

  1. Be Polite. – After identifying a greedy person it is best to remain cool. If you know how to remain cool during unfavourable circumstances, then you can deal with greedy people. Do not show anger and make arguments with them. Stay calm and try to understand them know why they have this kind of behaviour that way you will be able to be at ease every time that person approaches you. In most cases a greedy person will approach you in a casual and polite manner. Always be polite and do not let that person into your life he/she will try to lead you astray once he/she finds out that you are trying to acquire that thing that he/she is greedy about.
  2. Accept them as they are. – You should never try to change a greedy person into a better person you will end up with hate and disappointments. Accept them as they are, if they wish to change they will do that themselves.
  3. Ignore. – For the safety of your life it is best to ignore a greedy person. Especially if you are not related to them. If that greedy person is in your family you should have some boundaries that will show the extent of how you should ignore them.
  4. Forget. – Forget any incident that you had with that greedy person, if you trusted him/her and you ended up regretting, choose to learn from your mistakes and forget that incident.



You can never change a person with a greedy personality you have to accept them as they are. Forgive them if they have led you astray and never let a greedy person into your life.


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