Reasons why you should speak up and why it is important to your life.

Reasons why you should speak up

We have all been given the freedom of speech and no one can take that away from us. Speaking up your mind is very important in life and it can free you up from risky situations. People will respect you and even see you as a leader because you are not afraid to speak up.

Choosing not to speak up and be quiet can make your life difficult. This is because you will find people who hate you, bullies and even people with greed taking advantage of you. No one should put you in a situation where you feel like you cannot express yourself. It’s your life and you only have one do not let anyone take advantage of you, stand your ground and no one will try to intimidate you.

The Following Are some of the Reasons why you will find yourself Not Speaking Up.

  1. Worry What People May Think or say. – You should not care what people think or say about you. People will always talk and you cannot control what they say. Also what people say about you is none of your business, if you are being true to yourself then what people say about you should not bother you. When it comes to this kind of a situation you should believe in what you are about to say. Even when you are not feeling confident believing in what you will say will make it look like you are in control of things.
  1. Letting Aggressive People Intimidate You. – Bullies are everywhere and they like to take advantage when they notice that you are easily frightened by their aggressive attitudes and they can make you do what they want. You are given free will and no one is in control over your life. You can handle this by standing your ground against them and speak up. This will throw them off guard.
  1. Self-esteem. – Having self- doubt and negative thoughts about yourself will not help you in speaking up. Even when you try it will look like you do not believe in yourself. Having confidence in your own abilities and self-respect will definitely help you when you speak up.
  1. You Feel Nothing Will Happen When You Speak Up. – You may feel like no one trusts or believes a word you say. This mostly happens when people are gossiping about you. You will find your-self trying to speak up and explain something but no one seems to believe you. The only way you can handle this is to speak to the people who are gossiping about you and confront them. You will find them giving you respect for speaking up to them and with time you will regain your trust.


Reasons why you should speak up

          How To Speak up.

  1. Remaining Calm. – If you want to cross a point over, you should remember to keep calm and not let your emotions take over entirely. You are having a conversation so people will think better of you if you speak calmly and slowly.
  2. Speak clearly and make yourself heard. – if you are speaking up in front of a group of people make sure you are speaking loud enough so that people can hear what you are saying. If you are having anxiety, try to be calm and while speaking, speak as if you are speaking to one of your friends. This will help you when crossing your point over.
  3. Believe In Your Self. – as I said above bullies are everywhere and they will try to make your point not to look important. You need to believe yourself and not to be intimidated by the bullies. If you believe in what you have to say then others will believe it.
  4. Do Not Shout. – Shouting will not at all help in passing your point over. People will simply tune you out. Remember to speak calmly and slowly.
  5. Practice Makes Perfect. – if you want to be good at speaking up you need to practice. The best place to start is with your family. Start with making decisions even if they seem small or unimportant. Even people who do public speaking practice so that when they speak up their point can be heard.


Why You Should Speak up.

  1. People Will Respect You. – If you want respect from people begin with honesty. This is the reason why; a person will respect another person who tells them like it is. Even if it is something they do not want to hear (this has to be in a respectful and courteous way). This is because at least they will know where that person stands with them and they do not have to worry that they are saying one thing and thinking another.
  2. Relieve You Some Stress. – We all have something to say in almost every situation. If you choose to keep quiet you will soon regret it. You will start having stress and a great deal of anxiety. You will replay the situation over and over again in your head wishing you handled it differently. It will then turn into this monstrous situation that eats you from the inside out.
  3. People are not mind readers. – Assuming people will know something based on a certain situation is not the best way to go. People can interpret things very differently. If you have something on your mind speak up and you will not regret it.
  4. No One Will Take Advantage of  You. – Greedy people, Bullies and even haters will take advantage of people who are afraid to speak up or people who do not have knowledge. By simply opening your mouth and saying what is on your mind will push them away and your life will be simpler.
  5. Inspiring Others. – You might not notice it but when you choose to speak up and let your point be heard you will be inspiring others to do the same. They will see you as a mentor and they will even try to follow your footsteps by being more vocal when faced with a certain situation.


When speaking up your mind remember to be respectful and courteous. No one has to agree or like it, but your opinion is yours whether it is indifferent, good or bad.


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