How To Make Peace With Your Past Mistakes And Move On With Your Present.

How To Make Peace With Your Past Mistakes And Move On With Your Present.

We have all gone through our past for us to be in the present. The past can be a good place where we can enjoy those good memories or it can be a dangerous place where it is full of regret, sorrow, shame or guilt. The past is a dangerous place and if you want to go there it is good to go with someone you trust.

If you are feeling regret, sorrow, shame or guilt this means you have some unfinished business with your past. If you are going through this pain it does not mean it is the end of the road for you. The pain that you are feeling is a gift. For you to get this gift you have to resolve your past.  Through this you will find your life preparing you for greater things to come.

We all have a dark side and it becomes more powerful every time we decide to suppress and isolate it. It will then influence the way we live our lives. If you do not deal with your dark side you will soon become a victim.

For you to deal with your dark side bring forward what is troubling you by doing either of the following:         

  • Tell a fried that you know you can trust.
  • Take a journal and write what is really bothering you.
  • See a therapist.

If you do not bring your troubles forward sooner it will then destroy you. Take the opportunity now and it will become your salvation.

How To Make Peace With Your Past Mistakes And Move On With Your Present. (2)

How to Make Peace With Your Past.                                                                             

  1. Know what you are feeling – What are you feeling right now, is it guilt, shame, sorrow or regret?
  • If you are feeling regret; you have successfully identified your pain. What you need to know about regret is that, it only comes when you have taken a risk and you failed. Maybe you took a risk with your business and you failed or you trusted the wrong people who you thought were your friends and they betrayed you. What you can learn from this is not running away from the next challenge you face but by becoming a better risk-taker. Do not let regret waste your precious time and miss out on living today. Enjoy your life, your life is more important than your past mistakes.
  • If you are feeling sorrow; good you know what your pain is. Sorrow mostly comes when you are disappointed which will then lead to unhappiness, misery, depression, heartache which are all synonyms of sorrow. For you to deal with this pain you need to live your life fully, enjoy do things you like to do or things you have never done and you have always wanted to do them. Make good memories.
  • If you are feeling shame; Shame is a devious feeling that people decide to hide in dark hidden places in their hearts. The only way you can resolve this issue is to tell on yourself; Look for your trusted friend and tell him or her what you have done or even a therapist. That’s it by doing this you will feel better.
  • If you are feeling guilty; Guilt mostly comes when you did something wrong. For you to resolve this think about what you did, could you have done it differently? Resolve this problem by trying the better approach next time. If you wronged someone make amends, for you to resolve this pain.
  1. Now that you have identified your pain you should know that pain is part of the human condition. – For you to heal yourself from this pain you need to confront those things that caused that pain. As I mentioned above. ‘If you do not bring your troubles forward sooner it will then destroy you. Take the opportunity now and it will become your salvation.’
  2. Begin the healing process – For the healing process to begin you must get to the root of the problem. You need to find courage to face the hidden wounds. Find a person that will help you with your healing process, a therapist or a trusted friend who you know will be there for you.
  3. Take your Journal. – This is a good way to ease your pain. With your pen and your journal you can take the heavy burden of your past away from your heart. Write your inner most thoughts and hidden feelings and bring everything to the surface that is interrupting your happiness.
  4. Talk to a trusted friend or therapist. – If you feel the journal will not be enough for you then look for your trusted friend or a therapist and vent all your issues to them and you will be well on your way through the healing process.
  5. Alone time – Lastly set alone time for yourself. This will help you in forgiving yourself and letting the pain of the past go.


Clean up your mistakes sooner than later. You should be able to enjoy your memories and not feel pain every time you look at your past. Also take care of your present for the sake of your future.


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  1. The healing process is complicated. I think it differ for various individual, depending what has they endured that has broke them. Sometimes it could be more than one feelings involved and it gets complicated to sort it out.

    While therapist may be a good solution, but I’ve tried energy healing where it brought up the hidden emotions from the subconscious and negate them.

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