Top 10 Stress Management Strategies : Must Know.



Stress is something most of us have to deal with most of the time. It can either be you have a lot of work on your hands or maybe your employer is giving you a hard time, or you are a student and you have a lot to study.

The best ways to get rid of stress:

If you are stressed maybe because of someone or work or something else in general, and you have tasks you want to accomplish without having to deal with stress. Follow the following steps which you can be assured they will help you.

  • Take your journal (or your phone if you do not have your journal.) and really write what is bothering you, trust me this works.
  • After writing take a 20 minutes or even 30 minutes walk without listening to music, count to five or ten for each step you take.(very important)
  • When done with your walk get something good to eat it can be your favorite food.
  • Then do what brings you joy it can be watching your favorite movie or listening to your favorite song.

After this you will be feeling much better 🙂


Some of The Reasons One Can Be Stressed and How To Deal With The Situation.

1. Doing more than you can handle.

Maybe you have too much on your plate and you are trying to accomplish all of them at a go. You end up getting stressed on not getting things done. From my own experience if you continue like this with no warning you will not only get stressed but you will get a burn out and kill your motivation.

If you have already killed you motivation and cannot feel the drive to work because of stress and you are not getting things done here is what you should do:

  • Take a day or two off and do what makes you happy.
  • The next day take a step back and take a bigger view of what you are to accomplish.
  • Look at the most important tasks (do not pick more than two)
  • Every day plan on how to accomplish the tasks you have selected.

If you follow the above 4 simple steps you will find that a lot of weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Now you can focus on the two important tasks at hand. This will enable you to have a better chance of succeeding.


2. Looking at what others are doing.

You can be stressed because you are always looking at what your peers have accomplished and comparing it to yourself. This will lead to motivation but it will later lead to bad motivation because you are envious.

What is envy, if you look it up on Google you will find that it is “a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck”

Envy will make you overreact. This is because let’s say you have seen a successful person and you want to be successful as him/her, you decide that the only way for you to become successful is to do exactly what he or she has done with their life. You begin your journey and start feeling frustrated until you are stressed.

The reason for this is because you are envying and chasing someone else goals and dreams that is why you are stressed.

To avoid this from happening again, follow the following steps.

  • Keep your progress or goals to your self do not compare it to others.
  • Avoid people who talk about their success all the time and what their next great plan is to be successful at a certain area, even if they look like they are your friends trust me they are not.
  • Look for friends that support you and encourage you, if you cannot find such a friend join forums on the internet or join a group on Facebook.
  • Avoid sites or social sites where you will find people flaunting their success this will again make you feel envious.


Scam artists on the internet understand envy very well and they use it on people who believe in get rich schemes. Oh the success that they will flaunt in form of Ferraris and Mansions it is not theirs. They understand the power of envy and that is how they make money.


3. Not listening to yourself or body.

This is also another cause of stress. Our body knows exactly what it needs to do at a certain time. If we choose to ignore these signals you will find yourself struggling in accomplishing your task because you are ignoring your intuition.

You will later get stressed if you did not get the results you wanted. Our body is wise and if your body tells you that you need to eat something; grab something to eat. If your body tells you that you are tired and you need a nap take the nap.

By doing this you will find that you are struggling less in life and things will become much easier and the best thing is you will even perform better.

If you are not listening to your body the reason is you are driven by fear. Fear will only make your life harder and stressful. Make sure you are always driven by inspiration.

Achievement in life does not have to involve stress or hardship you can love what you do and still be successful.


4. What people think about you.

Everyone wants to be liked and accepted which makes us worry what others are thinking about us. There is nothing wrong with that we are all brought up by a culture that makes us care what others think about us, but you have to learn to let go of this tradition.

Whatever you do you cannot control what others think or say about you. The reality about life is that what others think about you is none of your business. Rather than caring what people think about you, you should direct that energy into doing something you love.

It could be pursuing your dream, helping the needy or doing something new. By doing this you will feel happy and less concerned of what other people think.  Worrying too much on what people think about you will only get you overwhelmed.

This will get you stressed, I have been through this myself and it had made my life difficult. If you are stressed out because of this you should definitely do the following;

  • Let go of the culture or tradition that makes you worry what others think about you.
  • Direct your energy into something positive.
  • You cannot control what others think or say about you it is none of your business.
  • Do something that will bring self acceptance and self-love, this could be doing something you love like art, eating healthy or taking nature walks.


5. Trying to succeed in everything.

One of the most important things in life is that we cannot all be successful at everything. We all have to strive to work to find that spark that will show us the direction in our life.

Trying to do everything and hoping to achieve success will only get you stressed. So what should you do? Take a step back, look at your life and ask yourself “what is it am I really good at?”

To find this out make sure you notice the areas that people ask you for assistance or where you get the most complements. From there you will be able to find that one thing that you are really good at.


Always make sure you are positive and optimistic everyday you wake up and you will notice that your chances of getting stressed will be very minimal.


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  1. Hi, Duncan. What a powerful post! As I was reading your points, I was shaking my head in agreement, that’s me! Smh…I have been stressed lately and on top of that suffer from anxiety, so I have a double whammy!! I had stopped journaling because of my hectic schedule, but it looks like I may need to start again. It is hard not to look at what others are doing and comparing…it really is. I do agree that it adds to my stress! I’m sharing this to my Facebook, we all get stressed! Great article!

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