How To Be Optimistic With Life, 5 steps : Must Know.


Optimism is the key to getting peace and success in life. An optimistic person is a person who sees the positive side to any hardship, stress or depression and takes them as a learning experience.  After having the worst day or worst month or year an optimistic person will always see that tomorrow will be better.

To teach yourself on how to be optimistic you will need to begin your days with a positive thought this will help you endure all the hardships you might encounter during the day. By doing this simple exercise you will start to see the positive side to everything you might encounter and this will help you in reducing your chances of getting stressed.



  • Begin Your Days With A Positive Thought.

As I mentioned above, beginning your day with a positive thought is the first simple exercise that will help you to become positive.


  • Take Therapy If You Are Depressed And Avoid Drugs.

For a positive emotional health you should handle your depression by going to therapy. Avoid drugs because they are just a temporary fix. If you go for therapy you’ll find that it will be much easier to handle future setbacks more effectively.


  • See Hardships, Stress Or Depression As A Learning Experience.

If you are stressed or depressed because of anything, it could be work or people giving you a difficult time, whatever the case see it as a learning experience. Do not let it hold you down make sure you have good stress management techniques that will save you time. By doing this you are well on your way to become wise.


  • Believe In Your Abilities And Yourself.

For you to believe in your abilities and yourself you need not to compare yourself with others. Do not be envious take a moment and ask yourself “what am I really good at, or what my passion in life is?” Then learn to believe in them and yourself that you will be successful in them.


Appreciate on the small stuff. Simple things in life that make all the big stuff possible, this can be your ability to breath, your pet, sunrise or food. By doing this you will feel that everything is special.


  • Surround Yourself With Positive People.

Make sure you surround yourself with friends who have positive attitudes. People who are really your friends, not people who are pretending to be your friends, but friends that show interest in your life and encourage you to achieve anything. Such friends will have a positive effect in your life.


Even when you are trying to be optimistic you need to watch out from being too optimistic. Being too positive about everything is a danger to your life (there will be no difference between you and a pessimist). If you are going to take risks take them with precautions. Always assess the risk that you are taking to avoid any chance of losing money getting stressed or depression.



  • Less Stress.

From my own experience, an optimistic person will always be positive even in the worst situation this is because you want to reduce the chances of getting stressed. If you hold yourself down every time you encounter hardships you will find your life becoming very difficult. An optimistic person will see the positive events as proof of good things to come. A pessimist or a realist on the other hand will easily encounter stress compared to optimists.

Also Optimistic people have stress management techniques. They know how to eliminate stressors and their emotional consequences. (Read my post on the techniques I use to manage stress)


  • Perseverance.

An optimistic person will not easily give up when encountered by a challenge. The Optimists will push on to ensure that the goal has been achieved. This is why you will find that optimists have a greater chance in achieving success because of it.


  • Better Health.

Optimists have a better health because they are less stressed and their chances of becoming depressed are very minimal. They believe in their abilities, themselves and expect good things to happen.


  • Longer life

Longevity in life is also one of the perks of being an optimist.



  • Risk Takers

Optimists also take more risks because they look at what they will gain and not lose. They tend to see the positive side that will make them successful.



Even though you are well on your way to become an optimist it is good to also know that you should not neglect introverts. People have labeled introverts as people who think too much or pessimists.

Being an Introvert I have found this to be true, but I was able to change and be an optimist, depending on the personality it can be difficult for others to change. We should not dismiss people because they seem to be unhappy or they find it difficult to handle life optimistically as others, some of them were born introverts. We should be there for them.

You should also know that introverts try to take charge of difficult things in life in a different way that when elaborated may appear to others that they are the ones making life more difficult to themselves. So in the end that is why introverts keep quiet. No one should feel like a lesser being because they are not optimists.


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