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Empathetic vs Sympathetic (2)

Although Empathy and Sympathy can almost be considered as synonyms, they are two different personalities. An Empathetic person is a person who has the ability to not only detect what others feel but also experience that emotion by themselves. While a sympathetic person is motivated by compassion. This means that a sympathetic person has the ability to show concern or kindness towards other people.

Knowing if your personality is either Empathy or Sympathy will help you in getting control of your life. You will be able to understand yourself more and when faced with a situation you will know how to handle it.

Empathetic personalities can easily be overwhelmed because they can determine another person’s emotional, mental and physical state. They have to teach themselves to adapt so that they do not always ‘absorb’ emotions whenever they step into a place.

People with sympathetic personalities cannot put themselves in another person’s shoe like empathetic. Like for example when a sympathetic person gets news that a certain person was robbed he/she will feel compassion towards that person, but an empathetic person will feel like he/she was robed.

Below I have listed down the behaviour of both the Empathetic and Sympathetic.



Signs That Show You Are Empathetic.

1. You often show up with symptoms of those around you.

If someone close to you gets sick or stressed you will develop those ailments

2. You can easily tell if someone is lying.

By looking at their face or listening to the tone of their voice you will know if someone is lying to you.

3. You like to deal with one thing at a time.

You feel overwhelmed when you have too much of work coming at you at once.

4. Bothered by people who put themselves first.

People who put themselves first all the time and aren’t sensitive to their feelings always seem to bother you. You may believe that there is something wrong with you or you might have emotional disorder.

5. People have told you that you are too emotional.

People have pointed out to you that you wear your heart on your sleeve.

6. Boredom comes to you easily.

You get bored easily and you can find yourself daydreaming or doodling. You need to focus on you work or passion.

Traits of an Empathetic Personality.

  1. Empathetic personalities can be able to hear their own feelings and needs which can free them from depression.
  2. Empathetic personalities can help lead to conflict resolution with anyone.
  3. People with empathetic personalities tend to say yes to others without thinking of their own needs.
  4. In friendships and relationships they put other people before themselves as though everyone else’s pleasure and happiness is more important than their own.
  5. An empathetic person often takes full responsibility of how others treat them and for anything that goes wrong in relationships.

Empathetic vs Sympathetic


Signs that show you are sympathetic.

1. You give the other person a chance to talk about his/her emotions.

You often listen to the other person talking about what he/she is feeling and what that person is doing to cope with the problem.

2. You offer to help out in everyday tasks.

If someone you know is going through a rough time and it seems like that person has everything under control. You will still offer some help, shows that you are there to help.

3. You are supportive.

You tend to listen to another person as he/she explores his/her feelings or thoughts. You do not offer advice before the person has finished talking because you do not want it to seem like you are making his/her experience about you.

4. Considerate when it comes to offering sympathy.

When you are dealing with a person who needs sympathy you can tell if the person is comfortable with a hug or touching his or her arm or shoulder. This is because some people feel too emotionally vulnerable to enjoy a hug at that time.

5. You use your body language to show kindness.

When offering sympathy you tend to make eye contact and showing understanding towards that person.


Traits of a Sympathetic Personality.

  1. People with sympathetic personalities do better in competitive situations with strangers.
  2. Parents with sympathetic personalities have kids who prosper more and are more resilient.
  3. Sympathetic people gain a lot of trust on others and they fair pretty well.




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