How to Overcome an Addiction : 5 steps, Must Know.


Everyone is addicted to something, a particular substance or an activity. We all use our addiction as a temporary fix for what we are going through. Even though it is effective for some time we still continue to use it until it becomes hard to avoid it or you cannot imagine your life without it.

Even though addiction is a negative thing in our life, we can learn to recover from it which will give us a chance to make our life even better.


The following are the five stages that you can use and find them to be effective in recovering from addiction.

1. Find a New Project.

The best way to recover from addiction is to start a new project. It can be anything really; it could be something that you have always wanted to do like achieving your dreams in life. Or something simple like; doing a makeover in your house. This is a very effective step because it will keep your mind busy doing something you love hence reducing the chances of you to get back to your addiction.


2. Know Your Weakness.

This is important because it will help you predict what will get you back to your addiction. Know what your weakness is it could be; Anger (stress/depression), Hunger, Bored/Lonely or Tired.

Let’s say you are angry because of a tough day from work or school, and you are feeling stressed, do not go to your addiction for a temporary fix. Have a good stress management technique that will help you in the long run.

Maybe you are hungry and you are always craving for something that you know it is not healthy for you. Set a goal for yourself to eating something healthy and always remind yourself why you are doing it to avoid slipping  back to your addiction.

If you find yourself to be bored or lonely do something to keep your mind busy. You can decide to watch your favorite movie, play with your pet or you can do some of your hobbies.

Or maybe you are tired and you are a workaholic and you decide to take drugs every day after work so that you can be able to work through the night. This is also a temporary fix for a short period of time which can lead to problems in the future; for example health issues. Find another way to plan your time to avoid problems in the future.

3. Have a Journal.

This will help you in recording what kind of situations that make you to go back into your addiction. Make sure you have a journal and make sure you include the following;

  • What are you doing?
  • What are you thinking?
  • What you should be thinking(if your thought is negative)
  • What you should be doing.

By doing the above simple steps, this will help you in knowing your patterns and how you react to a certain activity.


4. Engage in a Physical Activity.

This can be taking a nature walk or working out. This will help you when you are stressed or bored. Especially taking nature walks will help to have a peaceful mind when you are stressed (read the post on some of the stress management techniques that I use). Also when you are bored taking walks or working out will keep your mind busy, you will find new friends and also discover new places.


5. Have a Distraction.

This is effective especially when you are stressed or depressed. When you are stressed or depressed you look to your addiction as the only solution. You might feel better for some time until you want to do it again. Having a distraction is very effective it will help your mind to be busy and to stop thinking negative thoughts. A distraction can be; watching a movie, reading novels, walking or playing with your pet , card games or crossword puzzles.

You should also remember that Addiction Comes with Lying. Addicts will find themselves lying and hiding the consequence from others. This will continue until they are lying to themselves. It will be hard for them to see the truth because they have been able to convince their mind that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.

Addicts that lie to themselves will eventually not like themselves and this will want to make them to escape hence leading to more addiction and lying.

If you want to recover from your addiction you need to be completely honest with yourself, to your therapist, family or your trusted friends. If you are not honest you are just wasting your time and your addiction will come back to you.


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