Why Achieving Your Dreams Should Be Scary.

Why achieving your dreams should be scary

We all have dreams we want to achieve in life. Everyone has more than one dream, but there is that ultimate dream that we all want to achieve. Achieving this dream will change the course of our life completely to a better direction. (Read the post on how to identify your dreams and how to achieve them.)

For example if you look at some of the achievements made by the world most successful people you will find out that it all started with a dream. Their dreams scared them but this did not stop them instead it fuelled them.

It is also not all about having big dreams that scare you, it is also about having an effective plan that will turn those dreams into reality.

An average of 3.8 failures encountered by every successful person.

Achieving big dreams is hard and it is easy to give up along the way. If you are on your way to achieve your dream you will find yourself asking yourself questions like; ‘is it worth it?’ ‘I am not sure this will become a success maybe I was wrong.’ There are a lot of challenges and failures in achieving your dream. It has also been said that it takes an average of 3.8 failures before an Entrepreneur achieves success in whatever endeavor they are after.

What really separates a successful person from an average person are three things:

  • Persistence. – Every successful person knew that they cannot achieve their dreams overnight. They knew that it takes constant dedication to see those dreams come true
  • Planning. – Every plan set by any successful person has to be acted upon on a daily basis not planned and simply forgotten about or procrastinated.
  • Discipline. – Every successful person has developed a discipline that will help them to have self-control to assist them when lured away from their dreams.

How Do You Know That Your Big Dream Is Achievable and worth it?

  1. It’s not all about you.

First you have to notice you can never succeed in life if it is all about you. By this I mean that getting rewards, becoming a celebrity for celebrity sake, recognition and getting rich just for your own sake you will not succeed.

What you are doing is simply using your dream to heal your deep-rooted feelings from your past of being unappreciated and undervalued, and his is how you create a greedy personality. (Read the post on How to spot a greedy person before you get hurt.)

We tend to do more for others than we do for ourselves


  1. Have the Right Mind Set.

Only when it stops being about you, will the pathway clear. When you notice that it is not all about you that is when your big dream will only come to fruition. You have got to focus on how to be helpful to others.

It is also important to know that even though you have identified your big dream not develop an ego that that will cause you to say no to every new opportunities that you feel are beneath you. Always remember to say yes to opportunities that present themselves because they will help you grow in your niche.


8% of People actually achieve their dreams!

According to studies done by a company called Static Brain, which showed that 100% of people set their goals on New Year’s Day.  They found out that 75% of people were able to maintain their goal for only one week. 71% were able to maintain their goals for 2 weeks, 64% made it to one month and 46% made it past 6 months that is 92% out of the 100% that did not see their dreams through to success.  

For you to be in the 8% that actually see their dreams succeed you need to simply write your goals down. By doing this you are enabling your thoughts to be able to form a reality of what your dream will look like and making your dream attainable.


Why achieving your dreams should be scary..

A dream without a plan is simply a wish.

A plan will keep you on your toes. If you are serious about your dream you will not try but actually go and get it. If you want to achieve your dream by 6 months divide your goals equally within those 6 months. That way you will be able to accomplish milestones easily as it will later become a habit.



Why Do You Need To Achieve Your Dreams?

For you to achieve your dreams you have to constantly remind yourself why you are doing it. You need to have a compelling reason. Whether is to help people facing a problem or helping your family so that they will not have to worry about money again.

When your reasons go beyond pride that is when excuses tend to leave.



Dreams are meant to exceed your current capacity.

Whatever direction you point your mind towards that is the direction your life is going to move in so be careful about what you focus on.

Finally, remember ‘not to do anything out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.’

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