How to Recover From Depression Without Medication, Must Know.

How to Recover From Depression

Depression lowers our mood, drains our hope and energy to do what makes us feel better. Although depression kills your motivation it does not mean that it is impossible to recover from it.

Depression is not the same as stress where you can follow some simple steps and feel okay after some few hours. Depression takes time to recover, but you can get there by making positive choices for yourself.
When you are depressed taking action and doing things that will better your life will feel impossible, because the motivation or the drive that you once had is gone. Waking up every morning will fill like a chore even talking to your friends will sound like hard work, but if you get yourself together and you are able to recover from it you will learn a lot about yourself. This will make you stronger and help you in future.
Below are steps you can follow that will help in recovering from depression.

Steps on How to Recover From Depression.

1. Acknowledge – accept what you are feeling. Hidden emotional pain can overwhelm you so start by mentioning them. Be honest to yourself and you will feel some weight lifted off your shoulders. Take a book or your phone and write down what is really troubling you.
2. Find Someone You Can Talk To – The next step is to look for someone you know you can trust. Get your friend that has your best interests in your heart and talk to him/her face to face. Talk to your friend on what you are going through. This will help you because keeping emotional pain to yourself can get you sick and you can find yourself in the hospital. If you cannot find such a friend look for a therapist/Councillor they will help you in overcoming your depression.
3. Hang around people who love you – This can be your relatives, child hood friends or your current friends. People who make you feel like life is worth living no matter how hard it gets.
4. Have a journal – The next step is making sure you have a journal. You need this so that you can write down what happens in your everyday activities. This is very important because it will help you notice what or who got you depressed. It will help you to better understand the situation.
5. Avoid what got you depressed – After witting down on your journal you will now understand what got you depressed and how the situation was. You will be able to look at it from another angle and you will clearly see; if for example who your true friends are.
6. Eat healthy – You should always eat healthy. “You can include this step anyplace you like”. Eating has a direct impact on the way you feel. Avoid food that can affect your brain or mood such as alcohol, caffeine or food with high levels of chemical. Make sure you do not skip any meals. Depression can make you crave for sugar make sure you minimize on it. You should eat vegetables, citrus fruits, eggs or chicken.

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7. Do something that makes you feel good – The next step is doing something that makes you feel good. It can be playing with your pet, taking nature walks and taking long hours of sleep like 8 hours or enjoying the sunlight. It can be anything really but it has to make you relaxed and energized.
8. Do things you enjoy – This can be taking up a hobby that you enjoy. Engaging in any sport that you like. If you like to travel take a trip to the mountains anywhere that you have wanted to go. Practice art, music or writing. Go out with your friends.
9. Purse your passion – The last step is pursuing your passion. By now your motivation is back and you feel like you are staring a new and better journey. You cannot wait for tomorrow and wake up without feeling like it’s a chore because you cannot wait to see what it has for you and what you will do. Right now is the best time to start thinking about your goals in life and your passion. Start pursuing them. Read the post on; what is my passion in life.
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